Riding a bus in our new place, Cardiff.

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Last Sunday, I have succeeded influencing my husband to go and buy groceries in one the infamous hypermarket here in Cardiff . Since we have no car at the moment or maybe plan to have one but not that soon. If we were to rent a car that should be valuable place or we need to proper plan to go somewhere. If we have to take taxi which i know that my husband will not agreed on that. So the best solution is using bus,yeah.. plus with the pushchair and our 2 anxious daughters.

Oh man. I need to suit my self then. This is our first attempt to ride a bus to a place here in Cardiff. But since the prices there in ASDA is a good value for money, as we think. So we took that chance to give it a try. I surf the webpage first in order to get the idea on where to get the bus and also the time of the bus will arrive. When we reached the bus stop we noticed that the timing of the bus is different when it comes to Sunday. Huh. Okay. That is a first lesson. Pity to my kids they have to wait around 30 minutes. My fault children. I am so sorry. It is cold that morning. While waiting I reasoning my plan to go to buy groceries with my husband. I know he also felt that we have made a mistake to go there. I explained myself, if we were not trying then we never know, after this i can go by myself and the list go on. He just nodded agreed, I think :) I know before we went out he had suggested me to buy through online, but I come out with so many reason to go there. Hehe. But I need to praise for the accurate time arrival given in the schedule sticked there :)

After we have done our grocery things. I try to find what the next time of the bus will be arrive at the hypermarket. It is so important since we are bringing our children together if you understand what i meant :) So I found this website where showing the schedule of the bus. Ahahah
If you are a person who is concern on time, on the go and who need to plan earlier on time to ride a bus go to https://www.cardiffbus.com

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