37 weeks and counting (thalasemia trait)

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Hey hello,

Still in pregnancy topic,i know for those who read this may feel

"ada apa dengan pregnancy?'
especially for those who face the same thing as me.Pregnancy with thalasemia trait.

One advise that i can give.You can do the thalasemia test at any clinic (private) with some cost.Actually i did it before my marriage long ago.The good thing about the test if you know your partner also have the thalasemia trait it is advisable not to get children or to proceed the marriage plan

Ouch!..ya i know it is not easy.

But you can always get an advise from the specialist.(You can proceed with the marriage but you have to know the risk that you will be face.Be ready ...That's all.

Still experimenting with the foods in order to get the hemoglobin jump high...so far so good.

What i did is ,eat a  lot of 

  • vegetable

  • dates.

  • goats milk

  • Virgin coconut oil

  • Zam zam water

if you go to the routine checkup with any clinic(i mean government clinic or private clinic) they might advise you what food to be intake what should be avoided.

So here is some of the supplement that i currently take .(by the way i'm not selling one of those.this is basically base on the recommendation with people who facing the same situation as mine.)
Hopefully will benefits you.

It is suggested to take the original goats milk.But it is quite pricey so you can try this

 Goats milk with pomegranate extracts .This is easily prepared and there is alot of additional good ingredient,You can google it.

This is dates juice.It used ajwa dates,Before this i take the dates directly blend together with milk.Its really boost your inner energy. and raise your hemoglobin too!!

This virgin coconut oil.It taste very light compare to those that i been consume before.It really help you not only during delivery process but many more benefit especially raise you hemoglobin level.

Why i so concern about this hemoglobin things just because the doctor has advised on the risk of having very low hemoglobin level.I think it is same thing with mother who have anemia during pregnancy.You can make your search on the risk of pregnancy with low hemoglobin,thalasemia minor and so on with Mr.Google.


Pregnancy with low hemoglobin

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Now i'm entering the 28th weeks of pregnancy..

Do you feel better now?
my weekly question from my mom.sister,mother in law,father in law and the list go on..

I feel so blessed surrounded by my loves ones that care ,concerns and really understand my situation during my war zone with vomiting phase of pregnancy a.k.a morning/evening/night sickness ..i prefer call it all day sickness.

pregnant mom really need this support system to go through the three trimester to keep them in the line...

i did tell you sometime i feel down and low self esteem when you feel so weak during the disaster first 2 trimester...

My challenge during pregnancy doesn't stop there...the nausea,vomiting phase is basically has gone...now i 'm facing with this hemoglobin thing ..i'm sure most of the mother know this...

Since my first baby..my hemoglobin always in the range from 7.2 -7.9 .normal should be around 10 and above

so after i got back my energy after the morning sickness thing over..i able to do a routine checkup in the maternity clinic ..so they found out that my hemoglobin reading is 7.4..so all the checkup routine will be more frequent than other normal pregnant mother.

The doctor is so worried  and ask me a lot of question..

."   Do you feel dizzy, do you feel about to faint,do you feel that  and this? "

so i just say


.and without knowing what he is  going to do next...which i really regret doing so...haha

Mdm i will refer you to the General Hospital to see the specialist..

oh no! not again

to make the trivia of the hemoglobin thing short i decline to the doctor orders to be warded..

the reason is she wanted me to do blood transfusion.and i don't know what to think..so just think the negative part of it...the side effect,whose blood that they gonna take and so on so forth.

She said that they can't do anything else as i'm the carrier of thalasemia minor so the best way is to make the blood transfusion...

so i said to my self,i just get my appetite back and i going to do something about it..

yes ..for sure the Specialist Doctor  "consult" me really well by giving so many intimidation and so encouraging words..to persuade me to do the transfusion process...

and of course i feel so scared with the no guarantee if there is a little tiny side effect thing happens to me... i'm not skeptical about their job of giving what is the best for their patient but i think they need the skill to give comfort feeling and an assurance of what they want to do and really understand what the patient feels.

i cant stop praying in my heart that Allah gives the answer to my choice
on not to do the blood transfusion in sudden time.

So i'm not telling you that is the right thing to do ..but that is the right thing to do for me at this time and this moment..it is my body anyway..anything happen to me is a risk that i have to take...

During this time i always read the surah Maryam translation ..the story about a women name Maryam the mother of Isa.
facing the difficulty during her pregnancy time and during the delivery of her baby.

the story and the ayat always makes me feel calm and i really sure that everything happens and decision that we made is an instinct given to us.

"we shall allow our intuition to guide us"

 as it is given by Him 

Allah always ask us to keep on dua and also try to make an effort to solve things out.

so with a lot of reads

i said to myself to give a chance to try out all the beneficial foods and routine to make my day better.

so i try to take this

  • virgin coconut oil
  • goats milk
  • pomegranate concentrate
  • dates
  • zam zam water
and keep on praying for my health and the baby .so far the result shows improvement.


Facing the (morning sickness,afternoon,evening....) trimester of pregnancy

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This post is written in June 2016,tend to forget about this post ...blamed the pregnancy hormone..:P

Not all pregnant women facing /experience morning sickness and i can say not in the same way either.While i typing this i can smell the rice is boiling downstairs. I don't fancy this situation where you can feel extra sensitive to smell for example the smell when you are frying the onion,garlic,anything that is smell good when you are not pregnant became opposite.I have to beg my husband to change my children's soap scent ,perfume and whatever have scented around me to something that not triggered my nausea feeling.

Me will feel nausea and quickly wants to vomit out on what ever left inside my tummy if the smell triggered my extra sensitive keen .

"erghhh." then you just wanted to lay on the bed looking for the star....

When it comes to your heightened sense of smell you can blame on those pregnancy hormones.oh right now i feel the time goes so slow..i really envy to those who really enjoy their trimester ....with smile.enjoy your free vomitting phase if you are lucky...:)

"can you imagine that? "

I'm not sure why they called it morning sickness as it tend to hit you day or night.

and for note, i thought when i already facing  the third pregnancy,i will be extra strong or maybe not facing this again..but i guess i'm the chosen one.I try to find friends that facing the same situation but still can't find anyone of them facing the situation.

But i can still remember i still feeling stressing down,and so many things running here and there inside my brain.sometime I cry quietly and i found i am quiet sensitive to certain things happens around me. Why did everybody happily pregnant ,no bloated feeling,nausea,vomitting here and there.

Lastly as what happened during my 2nd pregnancy i was water drip by my sister but this time at home.

"ok,i told myself,it is better than i have to stay at hospital like last time"


I try to google to comfort my self to tell that the situation of sickness  is ok,its natural ,

and at this third time of pregnancy only i know that if we have this morning sickness happens to our moms or sibling the tendency to happen to you is big too!!,

i checked my big sister,..no she is happily pregnant with a lot of appetite,

my little sister still can eat but only feel bloated and full of air inside her stomach.

and ....and. one day my mum through the phone telling me this

"Mak dulu muntah muntah until 9 months of pregnancy" 

ok mak,i dont blame you on this,just feeling oooh... ok...now i know it maybe in the genetics..


sometimes i cant avoid to feel ashamed of my self when people so concern on you why i can 't eat like i did before,what you like to eat.what they can help me,why my pregnancy is so teruk and so on and so of.

but i can tell you this

during this early trimester,

this type of mother have no appetite to eat,nothing fancy except plain biscuits,plain water (even plain water it taste like acidic during this time only wants something that can ease out the sour and whatsoever taste on their tongue such as plain green peanut,dates.dried apricot,crackers,dry whole grain such as nestum,

you can find so many tips whats is the best food that can suit you during this freaking time but for me it's up to your appetite at the time.

what we can do at this time motherss..

eat intelligently eat those that you can stand the smell  (of course not taking food that have extra dose of smell such as durian,oily food,just plain as it is.

revive yourself/environment open the window if possible or on the condition/fan to get rid the smell of cooking and damp air.

keep refreshing clean your cloths more than usual as textile tend to hold the odor

discard fragrance change to unscented  fragrance/toiletries/perfume that suitable scent to you

ask for extra thought if you can if you could ask for people close to you to go mild on the scented fragrance and of course smoker

inhale/breathe the comfort stuff try to make/surround your environment with scented that comfort you most.some may goes for lemon/mint/herbs that can make you better with the nausea feeling.

hope we will facing this elegantly and patiently..