Designer handbag or just handbag

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Women's loves handbag or maybe handbags...:)
When I was walking around here in English island I can see a lot of or may I say many of them  wearing handbag .Whether it is a small one or a big one!!
But I can say women and handbag can't never be apart. I'm sure everyone dreaming to have the designer handbag at least one. But for me I rather have it through a gives from someone. I found it is  more special and will be well taken care of. And furthermore not everyone including me can afford to buy one, unless you are using card credit..^^..bad idea..hehe
I have so many friends who will sacrifice their salary at least a part of it to pay for the designer handbag at least for a year. Can you imagine the determination of a women. Strong right? I have no objection for those who wanted to buy that is because they can afford it so do proceed. But how about those who also interested to have them too. I'm not in that line at the moment but for me you also have a choice where you can have a lots of handbag and yet affordable. Is that sound good to you?
Among the advantage are
You can have a lot of colours
You don't have to be extra care to look after your handbag as others have to do with the designer handbag per say.
You can add your handbag collection without feeling bad..:)
Ok done!!
River island

River island
River island

River island
Dorothy Perkin

Dorothy Perkin

Each is less than 100.They do take inspiration from the latest catwalk looks to ensure your arm candy is on trend.Not bad at all :)
By the way Top Selling Handbag Designers
  1. Coach
  2. Louis Vuitton
  3. Marc Jacobs
  4. Michael Kors
  5. Gucci
  6. Kate Spade
  7. Chanel


Malaysian Homestay in London

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Looking for a place to stay in London ?Either with your families or by your own. Here I would like to suggest you one homestay which offer with affordable price and a great location. Located in a suburb location (NW27LX) this homestay has its own speciality to offer, with a fantastic garden area it would become a relaxing experience while you are on your holiday. Especially those with the kids .I know these situation as I always looking for a hotel that can accepts kids and so on.

Among the great thing that you can consider;

1. No check in/check out time
2. Free parking
3. Free WiFi
4. Facilities room is available which includes a washing machine, fridge and storage space
5. Appliances include a microwave, rice cooker, kettle, toaster and teas/coffees
6. En-suite bathroom
7. Pick up service available
8. Prepared meals available
9. Less than a minute walk to the bus stop
10. Near to Wembley Stadium and other popular locations such as London Design Outlet ,Wembley Stadium and Brent Cross Shopping Centre
11. 25 minutes travel to the city centre (oxford street) by public transport

Feel like home :)

Ideally for 6 people (maximum 9)
Special family packages available.

Reminder: Need to book early as this place is a hot spot for Malaysian who come over to London.

For rates, availability and other details, please email:
OR SMS +447884317852

P/S:I recommended this as a friend of mine ask me to ask around if whoever of my friends want to come over to London.She is the friend of the owner .You can ask me for more negotiation of prices especially who are coming with a bundle of people...:)


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Mixx by cleo-lcee featuring a leather bracelet
Holiday dress
$29 - newlook.com

Chicnova Fashion long coat

Rag & bone neon yellow pants

Converse sneaker
$72 - coggles.com

MICHAEL Michael Kors michael kors purse
$495 - vanmildert.com

Leather bracelet

Silk infinity scarf


Giveaway By Mamaniza.com Segment

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Hi anybody out there would love to join giveaway segment?...I do..:) please give your support to this sister.Who knows you can win some...


Mamaniza melancarkan sekali lagi Giveaway by Mamaniza.com berserta dengan para sponsor yang cukup hebat berserta engan tawaran hadiah yang menarik pasti akan memikat hati kalian.

Tujuan GA ini dijalankan adalah : untuk mengeratkan lagi hubungan antara sesama blogger. Saling kenal mengenali antara satu sama yang lain. Selain itu, kita juga menambah rakan-rakan baru dalam senarai followers kita.

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1. Pastikan anda follow kesemua sponsor berikut dan like page mereka.

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4. Hantarkan URL penyertaan anda di ruang komen.

5. Giveway ini akan berlangsung pada 3 Nov pukul 12 tengahari dan berakhir pada 10 Nov 2014 pada  12 tengahari juga.

6. Pemenang akan diumumkan pada 13 Nov 2014 berdasarkan random.

Hadiah Giveaway by Mamaniza.com:

Wang Tunai RM 50 - Top Refferal by Mia Liana
Paper beg - Mamaniza
Kain sulam pasang - Fuza Musa
Shawl - Farahuda
Shawl manik juntai - Shalimar
Bawal, keychain dan masker - Alise
Buku Tetamu Istimewa - Cikgu Helmi
Herblax dan halfmoon bead shawl - Norhana (IbuHana)
Keychain - Norihan
Top up RM 5 - Fatihah Fazlin dan Azwar Syuhada
Misteri - Farah Wahida dan Kathy

Recommended Great apps to plan your outfit/fashion ahead!!

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Does being a wife and mother really mean that her dancing days are over? No!!
Still want to be in line to fashion or at least properly dress and look nice to your loves one? I guess everyone always wanted to look good but at the end of the day you will take whatever comfy you most..:)
I found something interesting to help you to organize your outfit ahead even on your gloomy day.
2 application you can consider to install in your phone and your gadget.


MyDressing is the fashion closet you need in order to build, enhance and share your most beautiful outfits anywhere and any time. With MyDressing, you will never forget an outfit again!What a caption there..:)

  • Add your clothes by taking pictures of them or importing an image from your gallery!
  • Easily crop your clothes out of the pictures
  • Create your most beautiful outfits to stay trendy
  • Share them with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or mail...
  • Beautify your outfits by customizing the background color
  • Create collections to organize all the outfits you've created
  • Browse your clothes and your outfits from anywhere

 I love the way it represent the whole collections feels like your own magazine fashion section..:)

2.Stylish Girl

Wahh!!by the name of it, can get you feel so fashionista..I loves to shopping but i can't afford to buy it all!!:)So i need to plan on buying something new for my closet and try to mix and match the current outfit to gives it a new look..

By using this brilliant apps you can plan your style and it comes with shopping app too.It will take you to mix and match your existing clothes in your closet and the clothes that you would like to have.Nice right?For me you can think as many as you like if you want to purchase new outfit for your wardrobe.You can just save the image from any website that sells cloth or outfit and you can match it with your current  accessories such as scarf ,bangles ,shoes and etc.It may save your money right?But i know women will always find reason to justify her new buying item right?

The best thing is you can plan ahead your appearance everyday or you can just day dreaming about the new outfit that you would like to have too!!

Inside the Apps

Plan your outfit ahead

You can think as many as you can to mix and match it.

You can download this apps by Google player or apple store.

P/s:Feeling like childhood time where we used to play with cutting card outfit to our "barbie" figure card


All in one Face cleanser+make up remover Shu Uemura best face cleanser ever!!

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Who ever need an all in one face cleanser as well as a makeup remover ,here I shared to you about the magic Shu Uemura skin refining cleansing oil. I was first introduce to this magic face cleanser by my good friend during my wedding time. Ya...you know with the thick makeup and so on.

No worries...wear makeup on your big day or on every day. This cleanser will solve your problem..:)

This cleanser helps me a lot, and I meant a lot you !!First it removes the make up ,totally second it will keep your face moisture and take care of your skin too. As I myself having this dry skin plus with the kids as well as at this stage of age I mean. You need to have one thing that does all. Nowadays I am now not so into having all the range of the products and to face it one by one using all the step by step products. Not into that zone anymore.:)

 By using this Anti/Oxi skin refining cleansing oil from Shu Uemura, all you need is just put a little bit on your hand and rub it up on your face. Then you add some water and it will turn the oily liquid to bubble. And the magic result happens..:).

It does not have drying,sticky,heavy,pulling,drying and whatsoever called effect that other cleansers might have. I think you also experience that too. It also encourage you to do some light massage to the face as well as take out all the dirt and pollution that we face everyday.huh!!Plus it lasting long time too.1 bottle can last till 3-4 months. Isn't that value of money. I found that too.

Remember to consult with the beautician at the counter first .They have range of skin cleanser type and this suited me most. You can also try by using the small bottle size first to try it on your skin.

About Shu Uemura Anti.Oxi Skin Refining Anti-dullness Cleansing Oil
Anti-pollution power blows away dull, yellow look. The innovative combination of moringa extract and green tea extract creates a result of glowing clarity and refined smoothness.Shu uemura introduces the innovative anti-pollution power of Moringa extract. Combined with legendary anti-oxidative Green Tea extract, it instantly captures and clears pollutants that accelerate aging stress.
It’s shu uemura no.1 cleansing oil, reborn.
And this product among the top ten of the best seller from Shu Uemura
p/s :feel free to share with me your secret of your marvellous skin?


MONDAY BLUES:Patchwork furniture will cheer you up.

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Monday blues everyone..Hey take a look at this.Maybe can brighten up your gloomy day a bit..it's approaching winter now.I thought something colorful might add up spice to our live right now.Last week i have a glance on the sofa range on tv advertisement.And its from DFS furniture stores .I'm so new in this land of English,so i suppose it is one of a famous furniture shop.Tell me if i'm was wrong.So i have a glance to look at their webpage and i found this patchwork sofa range!!...haha...made me thought of my grandmother who always collect the leftover pieces of the cloth from her customer sewing dress and she will turn it into nice blanket.I was young during those days and still young today...:).

 I love to look at beautiful interior design and arrangement of the furniture.Whilst others are busy taking their OUTFIT OF THE DAY (OOTD) so i will name this as IOTD Interior Of The Day.Its look conventional if it is on its own group but you can mix and match it, then it will present as a new era of patchwork.Just follow you taste.It's will becoming extraordinary new look!
Add colors to your living room will cheer you up.
Above picture is from dfs furniture proposed.You can mix and match by yourself.They provide with some suggestion to..Interesting right?

So picture below i have made with my own personal choice.Using a single wing chair with colourful patchwork will be the main base.Match it up with plain grey color of sofa of two seater.Add few combination of cushion which will compliment to each other.I choosed green rug as it is the less color of the patchwork sofa.How about it. 

The two seat sofa:DFS
Cushion:instagram cushion_on

Patchwork Modern Vintage Chairs by Kelly Swallow

May 20, 2011 Filed Under: Interior Furniture  guess this type of patchwork will brighten the day of a man/boy up.
Happy patchwork day!!.

P/s:This is not an advertisement post.it is just my interest in home interior.:)


Millionaire Sisters

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Just to share with you, with the raise of price in everything, We need to allocate some money for our future planning or if not for our children, family and associated. So I would like to recommend you to this fabulous sister ,who else I guess some of you have heard about them.The millionaire sisters.You can just name in what you would like to invest. From the very minimim amount to invest to infinity amount..just name it,,they can propose to you the best you can make out from your money.I can say they are very humble eventhough they serve so many people with the various amount of money that have been invested with their propose product till present.Actually i saw her who i called Kak Elin through my husband.
We will always needs someone to take care on our investment money and she seem received so many good and positive review.So i have trust in her effort and aggresiveness..By mean aggresive in doing her work in managing people trust on her to manage good investment. Among the products is including  Insurance, unit trust, saving and many more.
So wait no more make the appointment and waste no time. I can guaranteed you it is a worth meeting! Do visit their website http://www.millionairesisters.org/.

The sisters

If you want to contact them you can just comment  under this post. Okay?

P/s: I'm not that rich. Just to share if it is good info for you. Ahaha :)


Classic Fluffy Doughnut Recipe

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It's entering cold season now. So I thought sharing this classic doughnut recipe should suit the weather now. Of course with a cup of tea or maybe coffee. Your choice then :)
The ingredients:
  • 500g plain flour
  • 2 tablespoon or (6g) instant yeast
  • 1 tablespoon of shortening (I don't used in this session)
  • 50g unsalted butter/margarine
  • 2 tablespoon  sugar
  • 2 teaspoon condense milk/milk powder
  • 1 egg
  • 1/2 small spoon salt
  • 200ml warm water(not so hot)
  • castor sugar or melting chocolate for topping (up to you)

  1. 1 Put the warm water- then pour into a big bowl. Add in yeast and then whisk. Follows by the 2 sugar, milk, margarine/unsalted butter and shortening (if you have it). Whisk all together to mix well then let it sit to raise and bubbles for 10-15 minutes.
  2. Once yeast bubbled up, sift half of the flour  into the mix. Also add the egg together.
  3. Mix well until it become a solid soft dough where it doesnt stick anywhere else. Depend on the size of the egg, if needed add 1-2 tbsp flour to stabilize the dough
  4. Add the rest of the sift flour. You can use bread maker to mix the ingredient. But I just use my hand.
  5. Put aside, cover with a kitchen towel or kitchen plastict wrap & let it rest for minimum 45 minutes and not more than 60 minutes to raise double
  6. Sift some flour on your kneading spot and soak your hand with some flour before taking out the dough.
  7. Take out the dough and roll to about 1 inch tick and cut with doughnut cutter or alt you can use any jar lid to cut them,(I use the small cup) into round shape and any smaller round plastict bottle to cut the centre hole
  8. Let it sit again for at least 15 minutes / max 20 minutes to raised double again or when you lift them, they are more fluffy and lighter
  9. Preheat cooking oil in a generous size pan.  adjust to the  heat later when frying your raw donut so it cooked evenly out and inside until they become golden brownish
  10.  When it become golden brownish, remove from the oiled pan into a strainer
  11. Let it dry down some oil and then dip or sprinkle a fine sugar and its ready to be served
  12. You can use chocolate and sprinkle too on top
Waiting for the yeast to bubble

Then add the flour.

This dough after rested for about 30 minutes.

Cut the dough into small circle using small cup (you can use doughnut cutter if you have one)

Please excuse the look as this is done with my little chef :)

Fry the doughnut!

Ready to eat! :)


How to Make a Travel Log? Try This Out!

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I am sure everybody loves to travel. It is hard to find one that does not like it at all. Whether you are travelling in the country or abroad it should be the best memory of all.Sometimes when people ask you where and places that you have visited you tend to forget. Haha. It's always happens to me too. Because later if you want to blog about your travel adventure you might have forgotten part of it. So here some tips to put your memorable travel of yours.

  1. Make sure you'll have access to the Internet throughout the trip.
  2. Start a blog specifically for this trip (don't forget to write it )
  3. Document what you did every day.(you can microblogging it in twitter/instagram or etc.)
  4. Add picture,picture and more pictures.

Okay now I just want to share this cool apps.

Here you go. Travelpod. So great!

  1. Here you can chart your trip on the map.
  2. Update your blog on the go with the mobile apps
  3. Even.. can turn the blog into great printed book for your own self keeping.
  4. And of course you can share in the social network.
  5. And its a FREE travel blog!
Try it out people!


Review: Myteksi. Is it reliable? Safe? Easy?

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Just to share one of my favourite apps on the phone. I have been always wanted to write about it.now i have the chance. Have you heard about Myteksi? Yeah. A good application when you need a driver at a time. First impression from me? It is working? or is it safe? So far I have used the services quite some time while i am in Malaysia. Usually when no one can fetch me or I need to go somewhere and I am in  somewhere in the middle of a place where it is hard to find a taxi and need to walk to a place that a lot of taxi to catch, I will use this great apps. Even when you are at your house and lazy to walk a little bit to catch a taxi at the main road this is a great bonus to use. But what can I say is booking a taxi has never been convenient and easy with Myteksi. How it works? First you need to download it whether through Google apps if you are using android or IOS if you are using IPhone. Then register your name and your phone number. Then now you can book your taxi ^^ As simple as that.

At the screen there you can choose when is the time to pick you up, the estimated price that the taxi will charge you and you can choose type of taxi you want. For me in term of safety, so far it is safe, you will receive the taxi phone number and the taxi plate number. So you can send to you closest person you want. In case you left your things behind you can call back the number unleast he is not a honest person.

First find the app in Google apps for Android.

Then after you have registered you pick your place from where to where.

Then you can see the estimated fare and select the pick up time.

There you can select the time.

Tadaaaa. They have found a taxi for you.Together they given the phone number and the taxi plate number.

The details. You can also cancel your booking with the provided button.

If they cannot find any taxi they will inform and you can try again. Usually if it is a peak hour time, it is advisable you booked earlier for example after office hours where car stuck in the traffic jam like forever :) For me so far this apps helps me a lot when you need a taxi. It is easy, safe and reliable. Hope this can help you out there :)