Gatwick The Best Child-Friendly Airports in England? Not according to our experience.no lane for family with kids..erghhhh

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Despite all the fun thing travelling with the kids..i guess this is the bad experience...
On the 15 july 2017 .we have reach at the gatwick airport around 7 am..bayangkan with the three kids (including infant) and the flight abit delayed from the expected landing time..we have to rush to the non eu/uk lane...and there ia no special lane for people with kids???

And we have bought train ticket to go cardiff...this is our first time experience landed in gatwick airport and becoming so stressfull when you found out that this going to happen..

Ok..i took an initiative to ask the officer women incharge that.is there any chance that we can use the special lane which is only for older people and disable people or any alternative that we can use since our train was schedule to be at 9 am....do you have special lane for family wih kids for non eu/uk

Nope !!

Theres alot of people have connecting flight... she replied rudely..
There alot of people are going for exchange plane

And my baby crying while waiting the snail moving lane ..the women officer doesnt seem care!!..

But i thougt in http://www.gatwickairport.com/at-the-airport/passenger-services/children/ said clearly they have that particular lane..and how come there is not the same as explained..or it is only for departure area and none for arrival area..?. gosh..

I donno may be she doesnt have the experience travelling with kids and a train to catch with the the 3 kids and luggage and so far so new..

My husband already look at the train web whether to buy a new tickets..and of course its not cheap if you want tk buy there and there...nearly 100 pound for all of us..

Luckily..Allah heard my pray to send me an idea...

Really...He is the best listener...

Ting ting ting...

B,why dont u ask that uncle,i guess he is from our country too ...

My husband looked at me with a hesitate face....

Ya i know..it is quite shamefull act..yeke?but we are desperately need to go through this lane to catch the 9 am train and it is already 8.30 am!!!

Slowly my husband went to that uncle..after some chit chatting...

B,quick come here!!..

Lintang pukang la lari dgn anak anak

After handshake and all...

Nevermind you guys just go first...it ok..you with your baby somemore and need to catch train ...go go first.. he replied

Thank you uncle...u are really a good man..may Allah give u good rewards...

And you what..the immigration wanted to have chit chat why,where,what  ok..he is doing his job well... but ur officer women friend of yours very unhelpfull..

Since this is the first time we are catching the train..we never have the idea it is quite time consuming...

Ok everybody is running like an olympian man...with the trolleys,luggage and kids...

Peluh jantan wey...

We reached at the train station at 9..and with the full hopefull expression..we go down to the track and...the train has left us...


My husband face already turning blue...😂😂.yela have to buy another train tickets..

And another idea came..

B ,let me try to ask the officer whether we can catch another train..which i thought it is not possible but why dont give a try..since we need to ride 2 train to go to cardiff.

Yah...u can ride another train which will arrive in 10 minutes....the officer replied..

Again He helped us ...

Now we can sit calmly waiting for next train..

Can you imagine what cause you when you dont have lane for family with kids...

Painful here and there(running with 4,7 and 0 month children with luggage) ...

Please gatwick...i know you have lane for family with kids for eu/uk citizen...please do the same too to non eu/uk... we are no different... the kids is still the kids   ...


Trip to rome :before (apps that might help to plan your holiday)

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While.i was googling about top places to visit in rome..i found one apps that is very interesting...i guess it is targeting people who have no idea where they should go first once u have decided the destination...for example u wanna go to Rome..should i go pantheon then colloseum and whats next..is the sequence is smart time enough or..and or..

The Apps is: Visit A City....why didnt i found this earlier...sigh😂

There is numorous city suggestion is under ur finger thumb...u can choose itenary base on how many day u want and u can edit the place u wanted to go too...

Once u have pick ur plan yang berkenan..u just add to my plan button n once youre there  it will locate the location you are at.

The best part is..er..i mean there is alot things that the apps can do... including suggestion of duration time on every place u need to spend time...the walking distance time between places and what time u should be on the place... nice right...especially for family vacation... bachelor people i think can survive this..or backpackers...i might say...😂😂😄

As usual the decision to go rome is always   last minute..not so...
U know the argue between me and hubby ..i wanna go to switzerland..he wanted to go to santorini...

And...Allah is the best planner...blink ur eyes...

now i have less than 3 days before we are going to UK to celebrate my husband convocation and then to rome.....
All thw best to us

P/s:still find time to blog about granada barcelona ..oh my baby..please please give mama some blogging time ...😅😅


Eiffel im in love

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Not so many tourist i guess that night..so we decided to buy the walk in ticket..the price not so much different from the website..

The tower deck is closed as they have a renovation on progress so we just landed on the second deck...

It is so cold....but the view is worth freeze head...

A lot of love bird around...maybe trying to propose their partner as well to say i do..while me n my hubby with my jumping happy kids..

As long as they are happy..me happy!

Hey dont forget to watch the changing blinking lamp of the tower.

You can buy the keychain around the area..if you are looking for a cheaper one...

Feel the romantic aura..ok..

Oh eiffel im in love!... ;)

Lesson learnt air bnb while in Paris

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Just because may be.. i think..may be...i leave it all on the booking things on my hubby shoulder ...isnt it a lovely phrase... and
He might forget on certain issue.. The alligator ,the lift or whatsoever they call...most important thing ok when you book the air bnb thing..(for us of course/with the buggy n luggage n so on)

 B,the bnb house we booked doesnt have lift...

Ok..i looked at his face....a long pause

Its ok B.. the thing that you bring us to Paris already makes me happy..🏃🏽‍♀️😉 

A happy travel tips is to make each other happy right...?

That is why choosing your travel partner is important to keep positive vibes around.like me ...:)

Nevermind we help each other to carry the luggage through the stairs ok B..?

Ok so far there is positive things about this place,maybe you can choose the air bnb place trough this tips 

First near to the train station,
Second near to grocery shop which is important to us.(unless you want to have breakfast,lunch ,dinner at any fancy restaurant it is up to you then)
Thirdly near to the Eiffel tower.
Forth is to have a kitchen at least (maybe you want to heat up your food or cook something simple) everyday i cook some heavy dishes ..happy tummy happy face.. :)
Fifth Wifi (but the wifi at our bnb house not working)urgh!

 Ok ok lets keep the positive thinking ..sabar sabar
Stairs,stairs,stairs.important !.. ( if you have kids ,stroller,and luggage..ok!)

Since we reached Paris nearly dark,so we decided to just have a breeze walk around and of course to the Eiffel tower.we try to find a shop that sell sim card here..at the end i think we have spend more on this..maybe you should read further about buying the sim card here.i dont think it is cheaper or might be we bought the wrong operator card..

It is quite night while we are walking towards the tower.

Hey where is everybody?



From St.Pancras to Paris by train (travel with kids part 1)

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Hello hi,

Haha...alhamdulillah...i have already given a birth to a baby girl safely and sound..despite all the healthy issue i faced during pregnancy period..i guess some of you might read it...if any la..now i m back to blog again...

Before i totally forget the details i will blog about the trip that  i called it semi euro or quater euro ...whatever i call it...
So me and my hubby thought it would be great to visit some of the country on the way back for good from UK.
Before that we try to 'khatam' london visit before we headed to Paris.

From Wales we just rented a car from enterprise and choose to return it in London since we used the public transport to mingle around the city..

Bare in mind if you would like to rent a car ,better make it an early booking..the price is cheaper..and of course if you choose the manual car..far cheaper than the auto car.

This travelling period is act in Jan 2016..is like a year been past..but i dont want to miss to blog about it,

From London airbnb house we just book a taxi to go to the station called St.Pancras...
 there is alot of route to go almost anywhere in Euro...make sure you come early before your call time.

Oh before that..we used some of the website to compare the air tickets.such as kayak.com and skyscanner .com.. but because we decide it too late so my advise is better plan it earlier so you might be lucky if you can get cheaper price.

We decide to ride by the train from London-Paris.reason being is to experience it and..it is just for an hour plus ride..and during that time the cost for four of us is cheaper by using the train .It is a fun ride.we dont even realise the travelling hour and found out that we already reach the Paris train station.

Hey where is the undersea tunnel.?..tak sempat tidur pun...

The best part is the kids under 4  can travel for free!!given that they will be sitting on your lap ok..:)

The price is changing so just have alook at the website for your chosen date or look for a deal that they might have.

This is the websiteEurostar to buy or check your ticket.

We have to handle the luggage by ourself so make sure you bring luggage no. that you can handle by yourself.Be extra carefull when youre at the station. First because you are first timer,you might look like a blur person :) Second if you are with kids you might be busy checking the no.of your luggage and kids. Third someone will approach you to grab a taxi so you might be not in a ready and conscious sitution yet. Once everything cleared you may be headed to the exit door and que for a taxi or if you already have somebody to pick you up.. Air bnb in Paris