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Last sunday,after a few discussion with my sisters on where to sent the fabrics that i've bought for my little sister wedding reception,we decided to tailor made for all my niece and my daughters fabrics that we bought into dresses.Before this we only decide to make it into baju kurung pahang or little peplum  for them.Then we thought why not we try something else as this will be the last wedding reception happen in my family.So i decided to bring all my niece and my daughters to get their size for their dresses.We went to ampang park kuala lumpur where i used to bought tailor made kids dresses.Bringing all the 3 kids together throughtout the mall up to the first floor and all the way to the shop would be a hectic one.They are happily singing and enjoying their together time. At the shop, known as Aggie collections There three girls were so excited to try out the example dress that already ready made at the shop.

See the excited faces....my daughter at the middle together with her cousins.All the chicky faces...^^

Here is some sketches made by miss wong.

We will see the final product in the later entry.i decided to add some blue element to match with the bride.The sad part is...if i were to used my own fabrics that we bought is much more expensive to make them into dresses rather than miss wong the owner used her own fabric...dengg...we already bought 8 metres fabric....luckily my husband yet to bought his baju melayu...so he can used from that fabric.
Miss wong also showed all the color that she has  in her collection....denggg...again....if we want to order dress from her according to our event theme.The price is much more cheaper if we choosed from her fabric that she have.According to her if i were to tailor made the flower girl dressess using my own fabrics the range of The price is within RM 50-RM 150.But if we decide to use from her range of material, the cost would be around Rm 130 per piece (This price include fabrics+tailoring+some decoration)...for me it is cheaper as this all in together..aduyaiiiii...next time no need to buy the fabrics by ourself la...i will post the outcome in later entry....^^.I recommend this shop if you are a last minute shopper.:P

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betty said...

bleh tau x kat mane tailor ni??? betty tgh desperate nak cari tailor untuk dress.. ;D

Smith Elina said...

lovely flower girl dresses. More style at LunaDress.

Michael Smith said...

I'm having to get a refund and go somewhere else. Major bummer company! Allure Wedding Dresses

jo jie said...

MasyaAllah sorry fren..I baru terdetik nak bukak as for this year...lama tak update..tailor ni kat ampang park je

jo jie said...

thanks Elina