All in one Face cleanser+make up remover Shu Uemura best face cleanser ever!!

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Who ever need an all in one face cleanser as well as a makeup remover ,here I shared to you about the magic Shu Uemura skin refining cleansing oil. I was first introduce to this magic face cleanser by my good friend during my wedding time. Ya...you know with the thick makeup and so on.

No worries...wear makeup on your big day or on every day. This cleanser will solve your problem..:)

This cleanser helps me a lot, and I meant a lot you !!First it removes the make up ,totally second it will keep your face moisture and take care of your skin too. As I myself having this dry skin plus with the kids as well as at this stage of age I mean. You need to have one thing that does all. Nowadays I am now not so into having all the range of the products and to face it one by one using all the step by step products. Not into that zone anymore.:)

 By using this Anti/Oxi skin refining cleansing oil from Shu Uemura, all you need is just put a little bit on your hand and rub it up on your face. Then you add some water and it will turn the oily liquid to bubble. And the magic result happens..:).

It does not have drying,sticky,heavy,pulling,drying and whatsoever called effect that other cleansers might have. I think you also experience that too. It also encourage you to do some light massage to the face as well as take out all the dirt and pollution that we face everyday.huh!!Plus it lasting long time too.1 bottle can last till 3-4 months. Isn't that value of money. I found that too.

Remember to consult with the beautician at the counter first .They have range of skin cleanser type and this suited me most. You can also try by using the small bottle size first to try it on your skin.

About Shu Uemura Anti.Oxi Skin Refining Anti-dullness Cleansing Oil
Anti-pollution power blows away dull, yellow look. The innovative combination of moringa extract and green tea extract creates a result of glowing clarity and refined smoothness.Shu uemura introduces the innovative anti-pollution power of Moringa extract. Combined with legendary anti-oxidative Green Tea extract, it instantly captures and clears pollutants that accelerate aging stress.
It’s shu uemura no.1 cleansing oil, reborn.
And this product among the top ten of the best seller from Shu Uemura
p/s :feel free to share with me your secret of your marvellous skin?

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