Pampered yourself at Amarylliss Salon & Day Spa my personal review

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A women is always associated with beauty, fashion, shopping and the list goes on and on. I just wanted to share some of my experience with this so called affordable must sign up spa to do. For me I can't go to pay a visit to some fancy and luxury spa as other women can go every month. So after a few calculation and visit that I have done to this salon and day spa, I decide to sign up to their AMARYLLIS VVIP member. It will cost you RM399 per year and  if I counted in detail just RM 33.25 per month. And if you satisfied with the treatment you can renew the membership at RM290.That price is worth buying.Is it cheap and affordable. I think it is way fair enough as you will get below listed benefits.
  1. 15% off on any non-promotional treatment and another 5% for two honourable guest
  2. Free sauna or refreshing body wellness 4 times a month!!!
  3. Free on one Essensa Anti-Stress Facial every month ( worth RM 576)
  4. Free one Classic Spa Manicure & Pedicure (worth RM 420) 
  5. Free pass for every event held by Amaryllis
  6. Normal Amaryllis VIP benefits.
Who doesn't love to be pampered right? ..They have another branch in Busana Mall Kuala Lumpur at 5th Floor and another in Wangsa Maju.For those who love nature and organic theme and concepts  here is one of  the place since they use al natural and organic products ,free from toxic chemical, artificial colouring and preservatives.
It has been 8 months since I sign up with them ,I can tell that it is worth with money that you have spend. Plus you get to pampered yourself every month. Other service that I have try is Orang Kampung Massage and Swedish Massage. I really can recommend to you guys if you were looking and searching for a good massage to your body!!I always can't resist to get this massage if I do go there to do my redeem treatment!!!..Over there I can lay down and relax myself and dreaming like a queen. Sometime I do wash my hair here. There is no pressure to take any of the treatment here .You just choose what you want.Make sure you call them first and avoid walk-in basis as the appointment list is always full!!!To be honest, I always do that just walk in but of course if you are lucky you can get your slot.
If you don't want to sign up for the VVIP member you can always sign up for Amaryllis VIP member at RM 98 per year.Just the benefits is of course lesser than the VVIP one. Go and check the latest member offer right now..i'm sure you will be excited!!!
The treatment menu...;)

.Maybe you can share with me other salon and spa that is also worth to sign up with. Hope you have pleasant experience!!!


Make money with nuffnang?seriuosly?

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Just to share some excitement just now. Finally I got RM 0.50 in my Nuffnang account. It is a bit achievement for me since last year it is only shown RM 0.25.Congratulation to me.Haha..might be sound funny to you but it is an achievement for me.I also do some searching on other blogs that gain more from nuffnang.It is quite fascinating if you listen to their story to earn money with Nuffnang. Among the blogger that I have come across to read on their experience is http://mombloggersplanet.com/make-money-with-nuffnang/. I also came across to read on the affiliate network such as precision web tool.I am not sure about it whether it is a scam or for real. The task is simple just sharing your link through your facebook account,twitter or you blog you can earn some money. In USD okay..... May be some of you have done that.  Can you share with me on anything that can earn money through blogs.Since I will be going to UK jobless maybe I can do something to earn some money for living.:}
Here is what is nuffnang all about:
"Nuffnang is the world's leading blog advertising community, for people who share the passion for blogging like we do! Our community currently reaches out to more than 300,000 bloggers in 8 countries and regions - Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, and United Kingdom.At Nuffnang, bloggers generate income through blog ads placed by various brands, and become part of a close-knit community through a vast range of exclusive events and contests we organize and support, especially for you. A community for bloggers by bloggers, Nuffnang strives to keep the local blogosphere growing" credit to nuffnang.com.my.
For those who love to write a blog you might also try this out.the step is easy.Register a blog or any base domain for your personal writeup then go to this website NUFFNANG WEBSITE and register your page or blog.

Our UK visa approved

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Last week we have received our Visa to UK. Alhamdulillah. This is the first step for us to go to Wales, United Kingdom. It took approximately 2 weeks time to get your Visa Approved. Me and my husband will bringing our 2  precious daughters there. Just want to share what we have to do to apply visa since my husband only obtained the funding for his study from MARA. So for the rest of us has to attached some documentation in order to make it smooth process.

The documents that they would like to have after we have apply it through online and have select the date appointment.

1. Tuberculosis test-Since our country is in the list of the country that need to do the tests we need to do the test then.There are 2 test centre in West Malaysia at this moment which is at;

Janice Lim - Health Screening Centre
Gleneagles Hospital (Kuala Lumpur)
282 and 286 Jalan Ampang,
50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: 603-4141 3282, fax: 603-4141 3280, 
Email: janicelim@gleneagleskl.com.my

Dr Ong Kee Liang - Life Care Diagnostic Medical Centre,
1st Floor, Wisma Life Care,
No. 5, Jalan Kerinchi,
Bangsar South, 59200
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 1300 222 369 or 
Email: info@lifecare.com.my

This time we need to bring the children to do some basic check up.It just a session with the Dr to ask some history of the children health. Bare in mind they also charge children per person around RM 175.For adult the cost around RM 210 per person. We do the test in at Wisma Life Care as it also open on Saturday. An advise to you, please do it before the peak season time where all the undergraduate and also postgraduate will be going to do the process especially in August till September. You need to bring your passport picture, your passport/IC and also money for the test.:}

2. Applicant Passport Picture-Please see the guide line for UK passport picture size guideline
3.Marriage certificate-You can do this at Institut Terjemahan & Buku Malaysia (ITBM) or any court that have translator. I do ask at Duta court and the process will took only 1 hour while in Institute Terjemahan & Buku Malaysia will took around 3 working days. You can request Institut Terjemahan & Buku Malaysia (ITBM) personnel to courier to you the translated certified true copy documents right to your front door.How easy is that.

4. Birth certificate-Translate your birth certificate if your certificate is in other  than English language .I do it at the same place as marriage certificate .But as for new/current birth certificate has already have dual language we just used the original certificate for the application.

5. Bank statement-If you have the some fund/saving you need to get the letter/passbook to be certified or issued by the said bank. As for us we use ASB and Bank passbook. There is calculation in order to dictate how much money do we need to have if we go there and bring together your dependent. Huh...and yet the money need to be in the Bank within 28 days. This document is for your dependent application.

6-Financial Statement/Letter from Funder-This letter need to be submit if you apply under /sponsored student application. Sometimes if you are lucky by using  this statement your application can be approved by just using this letter without any Bank Statement. But I advise you to provide the bank statement if you bring more than 1 children.

6. Consent Letter- For example if the main applicant will support the other dependent ,he need to provide simple letter stated that he will support the name of the applicant and sign the letter.

7.CAS letter- If you go for study in UK ,they will provide you the CAS letter. So this document need to be submit at Visa application centre.

7. Passport-Bring all the mentioned passport from the first one until current passport. This is provided if you have mentioning all the passport that you have in hand.

Actually you can apply online first while also preparing all the document in hand. The webpage https://www.visa4uk.fco.gov.uk/.

Now I can focus on other thing such as to listed all the things need to be bring there.Fuhhh...it going to be fun!!...or otherwise. Any advise from you friend?


Travel to japan (Osaka-Kyoto-Tokyo) with kids and family part 2.Some tips and experiences.

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Still continued from the previous entry on travelling to Japan with kids and family. Since we have divided the task to arrange on the itinary on each places.So me and husband took the task to plan on the next town which is Tokyo.We have decided to take an agent while we were in Tokyo,this is just because we are planning to go to a lot of places while we were there and by bringing the kids together we need a van or mini bus to ensure  the journey is smooth from one place to another plus to save more time. 
After some searching for possible agent that we can use and some comparison of price.we agreed to used Miyako International.You can check it out through this link  Tourist agent Halal in Japan .The person that I contacted is Marlia and she is a Malaysian that has been living in Japan for a couples of years there. So she help me to work the plan and everything within our budget.The important thing is while bringing kids to travel is eating time.So we just leave it to the agent to handle it.We don't deny that it is quite a number of halal restaurant has been exist there but the thing is to go and search with a bunch of group we think it much more easier to leave it to them.But if you still want to search by yourselves our advised is there is some group end up calling the agent over there and asking for the direction to go to the restaurant and wasted time in searching place to eat.After all it is up to you to decide.If you are familiar in the places in Japan it should be no problem in searching Halal food.
`Here is The website of the tour agent in Japan.You can check it out as they are  always having interesting package to offer or else you can customize your plan as we did.
We went to Tokyo from Osaka by Shinkansen - High Speed inter-city passenger train in Japan or we called it bullet train.You can buy the ticket through online or walk in. For the kids basically no charge for them.We just follow Marlia's advised on what time to buy the ticket and her agent will wait for us at the said station.
By the way I shared some of the places that we have agreed to go based on the time that we have.
Day 1: 
Mt FujiTour& Shopping

Proceed as following :
Travel to Odawara via bullet train(Hikari 512).
Arrive at Odawara Station. Upon arrival, meet and greet by our guide.Eat lunch in the bus.
Visit Yamanaka Lake.View beautiful Mt Fuji from the swan cruise(ETA 12:30).
Solat and shopping atGotemba Premium Outlet.
Dinnerat restaurant.
Travel to Tokyo. Check in hotel.

Overnight at Tokyo BUC Hotel
Day 2:
TokyoCity Tour

Meet our guide at lobby for breakfast pack.
After breakfast, proceed as following :
Transfer to Tokyo City. Start tour.
Pass-by Imperial Palace, Ginza Street, Akihabara Streetand other interesting places in Tokyo City(can request if want to stop and walk by).
Lunch at restaurant.
Solat atAs SalamMosque, Okachimachi.
Visit Koishikawa Korakuen Garden.
Continue tour (pass-by at interesting places).
Dinnerat restaurant.

Back to hotel.

Day 3:
Tokyo Disneyland

Meet our guide at lobby for breakfast pack.
After breakfast, proceed as following :
All day : Spend time at Tokyo Disneyland.
(Meet guide at the entrance at 12:00pm for lunch pack)
Dinnerat restaurant.

Backto hotel.
Day 4:
Continue TokyoCity Tour. Transfer to airport.

Meet our guide at lobby for breakfast pack.
After breakfast, proceed as following :
Check out.Start tour.
Shopping at Oriental Bazar Harajuku.
Lunch at restaurant.
Solat at Tokyo Camii Mosque.
Pass-by Shibuya, Shinjuku, Yoyogi ParkArea.
Spend time at Odaiba Artificial Island. Dinner at restaurant.
Transfer to Haneda Airport.

Depart to Malaysia (D7 523, ETD 23:45pm)

Some tips for parents travelling with kid
  1. Prepared the appropriate cloths (suit with the climate at the place to go)
  2. Healthy snacks/food-biscuits, fruits, rice or anything that keep them full.Unless you then to spend all day to stay in a restaurant.:}
  3. Formula milk day to day-small storage to keep the milk for travelling day to day.
  4. Formula milk For the length of your stay -You can estimate the amount of the formula milk  with the days you are travelling.
  5. Bring adequate pampers/diapers.
  6. Also baby swipe-You can bring the small packet each day you travel.
  7. Small thermos with hot water and also normal water to make their milk in case they want it in the bus/taxi/van.
  8. Hot oil or any oil associated-To ensure the warmnest of your kids. It is Also usefull to avoid them catch cold , sprinkle leg or arms, any cut, stomach ache or any minor use.
  9. Get some basic medicine from your doctor such as for fever,cough ,flu ,allergic and so on.
  10. If the place that you go need to take some injection make sure you do that 2 weeks before you go the place.
  11. Baby Stroller-get some plastic cover according your stroller or appropriate blanket if it is during winter. Suit with the climate of the country
  12. Don't let your kids alone or tend to leave them for a second. You are not familiar with the place and also the people.
 Tips to pack your luggage bag
  1. If you are bringing a lot of cloths ,I suggest you to get a vacuum bag.I have bought that through my deal.com. I guess you also can get it at luggage deparment ,daiso or any store related.You wont believe that a small luggage can accommodate a family of two small children.Try it yourself.
Here is some photos to enjoy.

This plastic cover for the baby stroller is a big helper for me .It is very useful since it is windy and so cold.The best thing is when my children sleep comfortly while we walking here and there.
The most important thing while travelling with kids is the accessories for them while holiday during winter.This to avoid them to caught cold.
Bare in mind all are in Japanese text...This picture above is the ticket machine for the train as we have in Kuala Lumpur except they are in Japanese language.
Walking to Osaka Castle with our taxi driver as our tourist guide too.He can speak English!! Fluently.
The Umeda Sky Building (梅田スカイビル, Umeda Sukai Biru is the eighteenth-tallest building in Osaka, Japan
She doesn't scared at all...hmmm
In the Longest escalator
We are buying some groceries to cook at our rented condo in Osaka
 One hour travelling to Kyoto by train there and the the taxi driver that we have booked  waiting for us patiently at the Kyoto station
 Qaseh in Arashiyama: Bamboo Grove in Kyoto
 The infamous Bamboo Forest
  The Freezing Bamboo.I guess it will be more nicer in Spring-Summer.
Mount Arashi acroos the Oi river are among the scenery there in Bamboo Forest
The heroes
Walking around the Osaka town
Walking here and there.It is not so hard to find halal food here

Qamelia comfort with his dad warmest chest.Walking from our rented condo in Osaka to the nearest train station

Japanese is so quiet in the train .The read alot..I can only hear our voices...hahah..:}
The town is so clean even the toilet is smell good..
Inside the The Shinkansen, is a network of high-speed railway lines to Odawara.From there we will go to Tokyo by mini bus
It is very fast train...until We have not realize we have reach the destination..
Ok the bus has been waiting for us to a restaurant
Still can't believe the beauty of His Creation...

Since I also have a friend who study her PHD there, she had suggested me to pay a visit to Hokkaido next if we are planning to go Japan again. From my personal perspective, I love the country for their cleanliness ,their culture, the interesting places and of course you can do your shopping thing.Do plan one for yours.:}


Travel with kids and family to Japan (osaka-kyoto-tokyo) part 1

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Hi everyone.This entry is just some throwback on our holiday with the kids and  family back in Feb 2014.It is still winter in Japan but no so much of snow accept the area near to the Mt Fuji.Some preparation has been done before going to Japan  as we are consisting of 6 adults ,2 toddler and 1 kids.We have planned to go Osaka -Kyoto -Japan for sightseeing. We do have some budget ,due to that my sister will made the arrangement on Osaka-Kyoto itenaries and plan,while me and husband has arrange for Tokyo itenary.
I thought maybe you might  want to know how we plan especially with the kids around so.....here we go.For accomodation in Osaka-Kyoto we used this online booking website https://www.airbnb.com/
there is alot of choices of home that we can choose based on our preferences.As we are going with  quite a numbers of us so it is advisable to take one whole house as it is cheaper yet we have a place to get together ,cook,chatting ,rest and spaces for kids to play in a cozy way as this is winter time...:P
For Honeymoon couple also you can choose for private room or entire house as well.The steps so is easy and the house host is so easy to contact and communicate with.


The condo that we rented is consisting of 3 bedrooms which we rated it as cosy and comfortable for us who bring family and kids to travel with.The house host also provided with some food and not so fussy and stingy in giving additional food and attend to any request made by us.Oh ya...not to forget they also provided with portable WIFI.Thank you so much Ichiro and Sam.

Here it shows the location of the condo

 some of the pictures of the condo that you will rent will also appear in that webpage

Here is some details on the house and the house host detail

Above picture is the website of the taxi that we rent to bring us for sightseeing in Osaka and Kyoto.Since the taxi service will only fetch us at certain location at certain train station ,so we decided to just walk to the nearest station near to the condo which is the shijonawate station and stop at the station mentioned.For our trip,we are lucky that our house host,Nam has offered herself to arranged the booking for us.I recommend you to rent the taxi if you come with the family and small kids.It is much more comfortable and you can rest while they take you for sightseeing for one places to another.But if you are adventure enough you can take a ride by train and changing the train to one place to another.The taxi driver will also be our tour guide as they can speak in english.
I will continue some of the pictures over there and travel agent that we used in Tokyo in the next entry....