DIY: Dulang Hantaran

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Haaa...still wedding entry..so i take up the dulang hantaran decoration task by myself...so i decided to bought all those related things...flower at festival city.oh man i forget the shop name..yahh...kaisonn...some at vivian shop.up to you on the theme of the wedding color or what knot..m

For my sis wedding she agreed to use these colorss...

Using the corak dulang U stick on the spounge using glue gun..and arrange the flower all over..

T...there u goes...easy ..bitsy...i manage to do all 9 of dulang within 1and 1/2 Hour provided that the decision on the color and the flowers have been done.

Tadaaa.....the final outcome...it doesn't cost you much...as compared to using dip flower,crystall ,stocking flower and so on...but it is up to you...k..for meee this cost you far lesserr...tipss...ask me for moreee....nevermind...i can do it for you...^^V
Happy doing uollsss...

Leave your link here....frenzz

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Hi..i invite all blogger or new frenz to leave your link here.so we can spread wings of friend and sharing thingsss....sharing is caring ...blink blink...


Manik Alteration.

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Done with my little sister nikah beads alteration. It's more eye tiring rather than doing all new thing   from the beginning.

Ok. This is our family dress for the wedding reception. I just bought the sequin laces and patch it at the end of both hand of the cloths and i saw some blue and pink pearl to enhance it. I can't help to not doing it. It just because of my passion and interest. Pearl, beads, manik, bling bling. You want to make an order? :p


Review : Readymade vs DIY Doorgift Box

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After a few thought to decide the door gift for my lil sis wedding door gift and discussion with my mum of coz..so we decided to get a kinda box to put something for my lil sis wedding door gift.I given my thought that we should buy box that is ready to use and not required any alteration,additional design ..accessories and so on as she also undecided till thiss kinda last minute...so here is the result..kinda cute and ready to go..

blue and soft pink
After discussion with the owner of the shop she gave us  the price of RM 0.28 per unit together with the ribbons and ya we fill it fair enough..so we took both colors.So for those who are eagerly looking forward for a door gift that is cheap and yet cute and subject to use of boxes and to make it into this ...

add Simple sweet ribbon

Replace ribbon by using slice of paper and hole punch 

Natural touchand simplicity

add some doily paper..

Credit to Giftandfavor You can buy from here the doily paper

This box using decor tape.To further see where you can get this kind of unique rope,decor tape to stick on or to tie the wedding box door gift and inject some design you can go this +PaperFabricStudio
or their facebook.

i read where to get this plain boxes by blogger  +Dyll Basri.Thanks for sharing Sis.According to her if you bought approximately 1000 units it may cost you about Rm 0.12 after thorough negotiation...so then depends on  youR design decoration for further cost.I suggested you to think on the overall cost including design and the content inside the box before you decide to buy unleast you have unlimited budget.Happy doin uollsss..


Review: Kedai Bunga Vivian Chow Kit and B and B Handicraft

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Yesterday i went to have a survey for barang kahwin for my little sister wedding.i used to go this place to buy for my wedding sourvenir and so on here  somewhere in 2008.i guess all people know this place .yes it is kedai bunga vivian at chow kit road near balai polis raja bot.it is known as a place with a cheaper stuff for wedding occasion..i think you don't need to survey more in other place for wedding Stuff or barang kahwin in other place...in my opinion la...if u have limited budget or cheaper things..for wedding occasion

This is the secret alley..
I took the business card for reference

The shop front view
Here is some review on The price offered at this shop

you can see the paper bag with the flower on the Near the handle rope...Vivian said if you want to buy 1000 pieces is around RM 270.whilst as for the cloth bag at the left side In the picture for 1000 pieces will cost you RM 170.According to her this cloth bag is not easily damage or torn compared to others. As for paper Bag ,based on my experience Sometime you have to checked if the bag is not torn at the down side of the bag.
It has more that 10 colours if I am not mistaken as below photos.

Just put whatever stuff or souvenir you want inside.
It cost you cheaper if you buy more and vice versa.

This lovely box cost RM0.35 per box if you Buy 1000 boxes. This includes the ribbon too. The box quite big. The size may approximately the size is 10cmx10cm.

This lovely box will cost you RM 1.50 per piece if you buy 1000 boxes

This cute round box cost you RM 1.00 if buy 1000 boxes. Suitable for cookies, sweets,etc. This box smaller than previous box

Among other stuff for door gift.this still can negotiate for the price.

This cloth bag together with the glass jar cost RM 1.40 per pack for purchase of 1000 pieces.

This box together with glass jar as per above picture is also RM1.40 per pack.

This can be as base for hantaran cost RM 5.00 per piece.

This can be as The base For sireh junjung.nice too...

Also can be base for hantaran

This is plastic made off.and with a stable stand too...
The next picture review on the next shop with the location is exactly beside Vivian. The shop name B and B handicraft. Basically they have the same thing but a bit little bit expensive compared to kedai Bunga Vivian. As for change they don't charge you to do hantaran decoration or souvenir, door gift.

B and b handicraft

For example this box will cost you Rm 4.00 at kedai bunga vivian whilst here the price as per stated price  above.

This glass jar will cost you from Rm 2.00 to Rm 0.70 Depend on the cover whether using plastic or glass

Bigger size of glass jar but noT as big as balang kuih cost you around Rm 2.00

Among things they have.
At this shop they not charging the decoration cost.It based on the item price we choose..
That why you will find the price a bit higher than Vivian store. As in Vivian store will impose small amount of price to make the decoration for the dulang hantaran.

I highly recommended you to come here..if you mind about saving your money ..:)


Review: Flower Girl's Dresses KL

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Last sunday,after a few discussion with my sisters on where to sent the fabrics that i've bought for my little sister wedding reception,we decided to tailor made for all my niece and my daughters fabrics that we bought into dresses.Before this we only decide to make it into baju kurung pahang or little peplum  for them.Then we thought why not we try something else as this will be the last wedding reception happen in my family.So i decided to bring all my niece and my daughters to get their size for their dresses.We went to ampang park kuala lumpur where i used to bought tailor made kids dresses.Bringing all the 3 kids together throughtout the mall up to the first floor and all the way to the shop would be a hectic one.They are happily singing and enjoying their together time. At the shop, known as Aggie collections There three girls were so excited to try out the example dress that already ready made at the shop.

See the excited faces....my daughter at the middle together with her cousins.All the chicky faces...^^

Here is some sketches made by miss wong.

We will see the final product in the later entry.i decided to add some blue element to match with the bride.The sad part is...if i were to used my own fabrics that we bought is much more expensive to make them into dresses rather than miss wong the owner used her own fabric...dengg...we already bought 8 metres fabric....luckily my husband yet to bought his baju melayu...so he can used from that fabric.
Miss wong also showed all the color that she has  in her collection....denggg...again....if we want to order dress from her according to our event theme.The price is much more cheaper if we choosed from her fabric that she have.According to her if i were to tailor made the flower girl dressess using my own fabrics the range of The price is within RM 50-RM 150.But if we decide to use from her range of material, the cost would be around Rm 130 per piece (This price include fabrics+tailoring+some decoration)...for me it is cheaper as this all in together..aduyaiiiii...next time no need to buy the fabrics by ourself la...i will post the outcome in later entry....^^.I recommend this shop if you are a last minute shopper.:P

my little princess