How to Make a Travel Log? Try This Out!

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I am sure everybody loves to travel. It is hard to find one that does not like it at all. Whether you are travelling in the country or abroad it should be the best memory of all.Sometimes when people ask you where and places that you have visited you tend to forget. Haha. It's always happens to me too. Because later if you want to blog about your travel adventure you might have forgotten part of it. So here some tips to put your memorable travel of yours.

  1. Make sure you'll have access to the Internet throughout the trip.
  2. Start a blog specifically for this trip (don't forget to write it )
  3. Document what you did every day.(you can microblogging it in twitter/instagram or etc.)
  4. Add picture,picture and more pictures.

Okay now I just want to share this cool apps.

Here you go. Travelpod. So great!

  1. Here you can chart your trip on the map.
  2. Update your blog on the go with the mobile apps
  3. Even.. can turn the blog into great printed book for your own self keeping.
  4. And of course you can share in the social network.
  5. And its a FREE travel blog!
Try it out people!

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