Review: Myteksi. Is it reliable? Safe? Easy?

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Just to share one of my favourite apps on the phone. I have been always wanted to write about it.now i have the chance. Have you heard about Myteksi? Yeah. A good application when you need a driver at a time. First impression from me? It is working? or is it safe? So far I have used the services quite some time while i am in Malaysia. Usually when no one can fetch me or I need to go somewhere and I am in  somewhere in the middle of a place where it is hard to find a taxi and need to walk to a place that a lot of taxi to catch, I will use this great apps. Even when you are at your house and lazy to walk a little bit to catch a taxi at the main road this is a great bonus to use. But what can I say is booking a taxi has never been convenient and easy with Myteksi. How it works? First you need to download it whether through Google apps if you are using android or IOS if you are using IPhone. Then register your name and your phone number. Then now you can book your taxi ^^ As simple as that.

At the screen there you can choose when is the time to pick you up, the estimated price that the taxi will charge you and you can choose type of taxi you want. For me in term of safety, so far it is safe, you will receive the taxi phone number and the taxi plate number. So you can send to you closest person you want. In case you left your things behind you can call back the number unleast he is not a honest person.

First find the app in Google apps for Android.

Then after you have registered you pick your place from where to where.

Then you can see the estimated fare and select the pick up time.

There you can select the time.

Tadaaaa. They have found a taxi for you.Together they given the phone number and the taxi plate number.

The details. You can also cancel your booking with the provided button.

If they cannot find any taxi they will inform and you can try again. Usually if it is a peak hour time, it is advisable you booked earlier for example after office hours where car stuck in the traffic jam like forever :) For me so far this apps helps me a lot when you need a taxi. It is easy, safe and reliable. Hope this can help you out there :)

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