Best hotel in Bandung - carrcadin hotel/Gino Feruci Kebon Jati hotel Bandung

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Wanted to share the hotel name where I stayed in Bandung last 2 years. For those who loves to go for shop till drop at Pasar Baru. Here is the place. The hotel is so near to that Pasar Baru and in front of the hotel they have Bangi Kopitiam for Guys to hang out...He he ...for girls too right after your sweating shopping :).  Try to find good deal through Asiaroom, Agoda or may be you can use Trivago(I have never used this..I heard it is good. You can try it yourself) or anything that gives you good deal.
The bed is good and comfy plus the food was nice. My husband can feels so relieved as his wife can go Pasar baru back if she forgot to shop something and of course without him...Thank Husband. I love you...
So here you goes the name of the hotel.Carrcadin Hotel, Jl. Kebon Jati No. 71 - 75, Kebon Jati
Gino Feruci Kebon Jati hotel Bandung and for ... Bandung, Indonesia (Formerly Carrcadin Business and Entertainment Hotel)
Front of the hotel-picture from Mr Goggle

Nice room
HUUuuu.I wanna go there Hubbbyyy...pleassssssssse..

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Here is some of the kerja manik or beading design that i've made for myself.

The famous shimmering flora

Crumble mumble..


Beads Class with Nora Manik

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Remembering way back in 2009,while i was enjoying my jobless time after my wedding, I joined beading class with my best friend, Normah. The class was conducted by Nora manik. During the class, we learned so many design which I could remember the most famous design named shimmering flora. Here is some of the design that we learn.

Design that we learn.looks like easy but u have to try to do first. ;p

Before attended this class i just do the beads by using my own imagination.Now i have some idea n reference to refer to.U can have a look at my collection of  beads.

The collections.

The collections.

I managed to found the picture that they took during the class wayyy back in February 2009.Come to think of it ,it worth knowledge to be expert about. At least I can beads for my own dress :)

I realized that we are entering same class with zai butterfly beads

Baju kurung for kids review

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Last raya.i decided to get a tailor to sew my daughter baju kurung.luckily one of my office mate brought some of the example baju kurung pesak gantung made by her cousin.so i decided to try for my daughters baju raya.i sent 2 pasang for both of them.the output i can say 'kemas' n good.the charges she took is rm 20 for baju kurung n rm25 for baju kurung pesak gantung.u guys can visit her facebook through this link.https://www.facebook.com/danau.rimbun

Baju biru

Baju pink purple

Baju hijau

Prudential Insurance review based on my experience-bad or good?

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During last raya weeks,both of my children were admitted to ampang puteri as their fever keep coming back although several time of medication given to them...as a mother this is makes me full with mixed feeling as they are not getting any better.so i decidwd to bring them to ampang puteri emergency section.still...the doctor that available during this festiveweeks is only medical officer..he also dont have any decision as all of medication needed are in our hand.so the dr .just advised us to take nebuliser for 3 days 3 times daily.after went through all the processs,still no changes then my husband n i decided to see paediatriacian dr nasir n dr wong in that hospital.they advised to admit them in ward yo monitor as my new born born 5months old and the sister 3 year old have a prolonged fever n

Both my princess...qaseh n qamelia

luckily my office cover the hospital bill using aia insurance.furthermore i took individual medical card for both which is prudential takaful ehsan.the best part is prudential takaful ehsan gives allowance amounting to rm 250-rm300 per night if they are warded.so this would help to pay whatever additional payment n still the balance can be as their saving.warded b get money....what else do you ask for more....rezekiii diorang i could say...

Prudential takaful ehsan