MONDAY BLUES:Patchwork furniture will cheer you up.

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Monday blues everyone..Hey take a look at this.Maybe can brighten up your gloomy day a bit..it's approaching winter now.I thought something colorful might add up spice to our live right now.Last week i have a glance on the sofa range on tv advertisement.And its from DFS furniture stores .I'm so new in this land of English,so i suppose it is one of a famous furniture shop.Tell me if i'm was wrong.So i have a glance to look at their webpage and i found this patchwork sofa range!!...haha...made me thought of my grandmother who always collect the leftover pieces of the cloth from her customer sewing dress and she will turn it into nice blanket.I was young during those days and still young today...:).

 I love to look at beautiful interior design and arrangement of the furniture.Whilst others are busy taking their OUTFIT OF THE DAY (OOTD) so i will name this as IOTD Interior Of The Day.Its look conventional if it is on its own group but you can mix and match it, then it will present as a new era of patchwork.Just follow you taste.It's will becoming extraordinary new look!
Add colors to your living room will cheer you up.
Above picture is from dfs furniture proposed.You can mix and match by yourself.They provide with some suggestion to..Interesting right?

So picture below i have made with my own personal choice.Using a single wing chair with colourful patchwork will be the main base.Match it up with plain grey color of sofa of two seater.Add few combination of cushion which will compliment to each other.I choosed green rug as it is the less color of the patchwork sofa.How about it. 

The two seat sofa:DFS
Cushion:instagram cushion_on

Patchwork Modern Vintage Chairs by Kelly Swallow

May 20, 2011 Filed Under: Interior Furniture  guess this type of patchwork will brighten the day of a man/boy up.
Happy patchwork day!!.

P/s:This is not an advertisement post.it is just my interest in home interior.:)

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