Recommended Great apps to plan your outfit/fashion ahead!!

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Does being a wife and mother really mean that her dancing days are over? No!!
Still want to be in line to fashion or at least properly dress and look nice to your loves one? I guess everyone always wanted to look good but at the end of the day you will take whatever comfy you most..:)
I found something interesting to help you to organize your outfit ahead even on your gloomy day.
2 application you can consider to install in your phone and your gadget.


MyDressing is the fashion closet you need in order to build, enhance and share your most beautiful outfits anywhere and any time. With MyDressing, you will never forget an outfit again!What a caption there..:)

  • Add your clothes by taking pictures of them or importing an image from your gallery!
  • Easily crop your clothes out of the pictures
  • Create your most beautiful outfits to stay trendy
  • Share them with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or mail...
  • Beautify your outfits by customizing the background color
  • Create collections to organize all the outfits you've created
  • Browse your clothes and your outfits from anywhere

 I love the way it represent the whole collections feels like your own magazine fashion section..:)

2.Stylish Girl

Wahh!!by the name of it, can get you feel so fashionista..I loves to shopping but i can't afford to buy it all!!:)So i need to plan on buying something new for my closet and try to mix and match the current outfit to gives it a new look..

By using this brilliant apps you can plan your style and it comes with shopping app too.It will take you to mix and match your existing clothes in your closet and the clothes that you would like to have.Nice right?For me you can think as many as you like if you want to purchase new outfit for your wardrobe.You can just save the image from any website that sells cloth or outfit and you can match it with your current  accessories such as scarf ,bangles ,shoes and etc.It may save your money right?But i know women will always find reason to justify her new buying item right?

The best thing is you can plan ahead your appearance everyday or you can just day dreaming about the new outfit that you would like to have too!!

Inside the Apps

Plan your outfit ahead

You can think as many as you can to mix and match it.

You can download this apps by Google player or apple store.

P/s:Feeling like childhood time where we used to play with cutting card outfit to our "barbie" figure card

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