From St.Pancras to Paris by train (travel with kids part 1)

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Hello hi,

Haha...alhamdulillah...i have already given a birth to a baby girl safely and sound..despite all the healthy issue i faced during pregnancy period..i guess some of you might read it...if any la..now i m back to blog again...

Before i totally forget the details i will blog about the trip that  i called it semi euro or quater euro ...whatever i call it...
So me and my hubby thought it would be great to visit some of the country on the way back for good from UK.
Before that we try to 'khatam' london visit before we headed to Paris.

From Wales we just rented a car from enterprise and choose to return it in London since we used the public transport to mingle around the city..the best way to mingle around London is to used public transportation...their transportation can be reliable and efficient!!

Bare in mind if you would like to rent a car , better make it an early booking..the price is cheaper..and of course if you choose the manual car..far cheaper than the auto car.

This traveling period is act in Jan 2016..is like a year been past..but i dont want to miss to blog about it,

From London airbnb house we just book a taxi to go to the station called St.Pancras...
 there is a lot of route to go almost anywhere in Euro...make sure you come early before your call time.

Oh before that..we used some of the websites to compare the air tickets.such as kayak.com and Skyscanner .com.. but because we decide it too late so my advice is better plan it earlier so you might be lucky if you can get a cheaper price.

We decide to ride by the train from London-Paris.reason being is to experience it and..it is just for an hour plus ride..and during that time the cost for four of us is cheaper by using the train.It is a fun ride.we dont even realise the travelling hour and found out that we already reach the Paris train station.

Hey where is the undersea tunnel.?..tak sempat tidur pun...

The best part is the kids under 4  can travel for free!!given that they will be sitting on your lap ok..:)

The price is changing so just have alook at the website for your chosen date or look for a deal that they might have.

This is the websiteEurostar to buy or check your ticket.

We have to handle the luggage by ourself so make sure you bring luggage no. that you can manage..we just decide to bring 2 luggages...ha...see the picture...my husband la ni....Be extra carefull when youre at the station. First, because you are first timer,you might look like a blur person :)

Second, if you are with the kids you might be busy checking the no.of your luggage and kids. Third someone will approach you to grab a taxi so you might be not in a ready and conscious sitution yet. Once everything cleared you may be headed to the exit door and que for a taxi or if you already have somebody to pick you up..just go ahead.. Air bnb in Paris

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