Lesson learnt air bnb while in Paris

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Just because may be.. i think..may be...i leave it all on the booking things on my hubby shoulder ...isnt it a lovely phrase... and
He might forget on certain issue.. The alligator ,the lift or whatsoever they call...most important thing ok when you book the air bnb thing..(for us of course/with the buggy n luggage n so on)

 B,the bnb house we booked doesnt have lift...

Ok..i looked at his face....a long pause

Its ok B.. the thing that you bring us to Paris already makes me happy..🏃🏽‍♀️😉 

A happy travel tips is to make each other happy right...?

That is why choosing your travel partner is important to keep positive vibes around.like me ...:)

Nevermind we help each other to carry the luggage through the stairs ok B..?

Ok so far there is positive things about this place,maybe you can choose the air bnb place trough this tips 

First near to the train station,
Second near to grocery shop which is important to us.(unless you want to have breakfast,lunch ,dinner at any fancy restaurant it is up to you then)
Thirdly near to the Eiffel tower.
Forth is to have a kitchen at least (maybe you want to heat up your food or cook something simple) everyday i cook some heavy dishes ..happy tummy happy face.. :)
Fifth Wifi (but the wifi at our bnb house not working)urgh!

 Ok ok lets keep the positive thinking ..sabar sabar
Stairs,stairs,stairs.important !.. ( if you have kids ,stroller,and luggage..ok!)

Since we reached Paris nearly dark,so we decided to just have a breeze walk around and of course to the Eiffel tower.we try to find a shop that sell sim card here..at the end i think we have spend more on this..maybe you should read further about buying the sim card here.i dont think it is cheaper or might be we bought the wrong operator card..

It is quite night while we are walking towards the tower.

Hey where is everybody?


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