37 weeks and counting (thalasemia trait)

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Hey hello,

Still in pregnancy topic,i know for those who read this may feel

"ada apa dengan pregnancy?'
especially for those who face the same thing as me.Pregnancy with thalasemia trait.

One advise that i can give.You can do the thalasemia test at any clinic (private) with some cost.Actually i did it before my marriage long ago.The good thing about the test if you know your partner also have the thalasemia trait it is advisable not to get children or to proceed the marriage plan

Ouch!..ya i know it is not easy.

But you can always get an advise from the specialist.(You can proceed with the marriage but you have to know the risk that you will be face.Be ready ...That's all.

Still experimenting with the foods in order to get the hemoglobin jump high...so far so good.

What i did is ,eat a  lot of 

  • vegetable

  • dates.

  • goats milk

  • Virgin coconut oil

  • Zam zam water

if you go to the routine checkup with any clinic(i mean government clinic or private clinic) they might advise you what food to be intake what should be avoided.

So here is some of the supplement that i currently take .(by the way i'm not selling one of those.this is basically base on the recommendation with people who facing the same situation as mine.)
Hopefully will benefits you.

It is suggested to take the original goats milk.But it is quite pricey so you can try this

 Goats milk with pomegranate extracts .This is easily prepared and there is alot of additional good ingredient,You can google it.

This is dates juice.It used ajwa dates,Before this i take the dates directly blend together with milk.Its really boost your inner energy. and raise your hemoglobin too!!

This virgin coconut oil.It taste very light compare to those that i been consume before.It really help you not only during delivery process but many more benefit especially raise you hemoglobin level.

Why i so concern about this hemoglobin things just because the doctor has advised on the risk of having very low hemoglobin level.I think it is same thing with mother who have anemia during pregnancy.You can make your search on the risk of pregnancy with low hemoglobin,thalasemia minor and so on with Mr.Google.

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