Travel with kids and family to Japan (osaka-kyoto-tokyo) part 1

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Hi everyone.This entry is just some throwback on our holiday with the kids and  family back in Feb 2014.It is still winter in Japan but no so much of snow accept the area near to the Mt Fuji.Some preparation has been done before going to Japan  as we are consisting of 6 adults ,2 toddler and 1 kids.We have planned to go Osaka -Kyoto -Japan for sightseeing. We do have some budget ,due to that my sister will made the arrangement on Osaka-Kyoto itenaries and plan,while me and husband has arrange for Tokyo itenary.
I thought maybe you might  want to know how we plan especially with the kids around so.....here we go.For accomodation in Osaka-Kyoto we used this online booking website https://www.airbnb.com/
there is alot of choices of home that we can choose based on our preferences.As we are going with  quite a numbers of us so it is advisable to take one whole house as it is cheaper yet we have a place to get together ,cook,chatting ,rest and spaces for kids to play in a cozy way as this is winter time...:P
For Honeymoon couple also you can choose for private room or entire house as well.The steps so is easy and the house host is so easy to contact and communicate with.


The condo that we rented is consisting of 3 bedrooms which we rated it as cosy and comfortable for us who bring family and kids to travel with.The house host also provided with some food and not so fussy and stingy in giving additional food and attend to any request made by us.Oh ya...not to forget they also provided with portable WIFI.Thank you so much Ichiro and Sam.

Here it shows the location of the condo

 some of the pictures of the condo that you will rent will also appear in that webpage

Here is some details on the house and the house host detail

Above picture is the website of the taxi that we rent to bring us for sightseeing in Osaka and Kyoto.Since the taxi service will only fetch us at certain location at certain train station ,so we decided to just walk to the nearest station near to the condo which is the shijonawate station and stop at the station mentioned.For our trip,we are lucky that our house host,Nam has offered herself to arranged the booking for us.I recommend you to rent the taxi if you come with the family and small kids.It is much more comfortable and you can rest while they take you for sightseeing for one places to another.But if you are adventure enough you can take a ride by train and changing the train to one place to another.The taxi driver will also be our tour guide as they can speak in english.
I will continue some of the pictures over there and travel agent that we used in Tokyo in the next entry....

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