Travel to japan (Osaka-Kyoto-Tokyo) with kids and family part 2.Some tips and experiences.

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Still continued from the previous entry on travelling to Japan with kids and family. Since we have divided the task to arrange on the itinary on each places.So me and husband took the task to plan on the next town which is Tokyo.We have decided to take an agent while we were in Tokyo,this is just because we are planning to go to a lot of places while we were there and by bringing the kids together we need a van or mini bus to ensure  the journey is smooth from one place to another plus to save more time. 
After some searching for possible agent that we can use and some comparison of price.we agreed to used Miyako International.You can check it out through this link  Tourist agent Halal in Japan .The person that I contacted is Marlia and she is a Malaysian that has been living in Japan for a couples of years there. So she help me to work the plan and everything within our budget.The important thing is while bringing kids to travel is eating time.So we just leave it to the agent to handle it.We don't deny that it is quite a number of halal restaurant has been exist there but the thing is to go and search with a bunch of group we think it much more easier to leave it to them.But if you still want to search by yourselves our advised is there is some group end up calling the agent over there and asking for the direction to go to the restaurant and wasted time in searching place to eat.After all it is up to you to decide.If you are familiar in the places in Japan it should be no problem in searching Halal food.
`Here is The website of the tour agent in Japan.You can check it out as they are  always having interesting package to offer or else you can customize your plan as we did.
We went to Tokyo from Osaka by Shinkansen - High Speed inter-city passenger train in Japan or we called it bullet train.You can buy the ticket through online or walk in. For the kids basically no charge for them.We just follow Marlia's advised on what time to buy the ticket and her agent will wait for us at the said station.
By the way I shared some of the places that we have agreed to go based on the time that we have.
Day 1: 
Mt FujiTour& Shopping

Proceed as following :
Travel to Odawara via bullet train(Hikari 512).
Arrive at Odawara Station. Upon arrival, meet and greet by our guide.Eat lunch in the bus.
Visit Yamanaka Lake.View beautiful Mt Fuji from the swan cruise(ETA 12:30).
Solat and shopping atGotemba Premium Outlet.
Dinnerat restaurant.
Travel to Tokyo. Check in hotel.

Overnight at Tokyo BUC Hotel
Day 2:
TokyoCity Tour

Meet our guide at lobby for breakfast pack.
After breakfast, proceed as following :
Transfer to Tokyo City. Start tour.
Pass-by Imperial Palace, Ginza Street, Akihabara Streetand other interesting places in Tokyo City(can request if want to stop and walk by).
Lunch at restaurant.
Solat atAs SalamMosque, Okachimachi.
Visit Koishikawa Korakuen Garden.
Continue tour (pass-by at interesting places).
Dinnerat restaurant.

Back to hotel.

Day 3:
Tokyo Disneyland

Meet our guide at lobby for breakfast pack.
After breakfast, proceed as following :
All day : Spend time at Tokyo Disneyland.
(Meet guide at the entrance at 12:00pm for lunch pack)
Dinnerat restaurant.

Backto hotel.
Day 4:
Continue TokyoCity Tour. Transfer to airport.

Meet our guide at lobby for breakfast pack.
After breakfast, proceed as following :
Check out.Start tour.
Shopping at Oriental Bazar Harajuku.
Lunch at restaurant.
Solat at Tokyo Camii Mosque.
Pass-by Shibuya, Shinjuku, Yoyogi ParkArea.
Spend time at Odaiba Artificial Island. Dinner at restaurant.
Transfer to Haneda Airport.

Depart to Malaysia (D7 523, ETD 23:45pm)

Some tips for parents travelling with kid
  1. Prepared the appropriate cloths (suit with the climate at the place to go)
  2. Healthy snacks/food-biscuits, fruits, rice or anything that keep them full.Unless you then to spend all day to stay in a restaurant.:}
  3. Formula milk day to day-small storage to keep the milk for travelling day to day.
  4. Formula milk For the length of your stay -You can estimate the amount of the formula milk  with the days you are travelling.
  5. Bring adequate pampers/diapers.
  6. Also baby swipe-You can bring the small packet each day you travel.
  7. Small thermos with hot water and also normal water to make their milk in case they want it in the bus/taxi/van.
  8. Hot oil or any oil associated-To ensure the warmnest of your kids. It is Also usefull to avoid them catch cold , sprinkle leg or arms, any cut, stomach ache or any minor use.
  9. Get some basic medicine from your doctor such as for fever,cough ,flu ,allergic and so on.
  10. If the place that you go need to take some injection make sure you do that 2 weeks before you go the place.
  11. Baby Stroller-get some plastic cover according your stroller or appropriate blanket if it is during winter. Suit with the climate of the country
  12. Don't let your kids alone or tend to leave them for a second. You are not familiar with the place and also the people.
 Tips to pack your luggage bag
  1. If you are bringing a lot of cloths ,I suggest you to get a vacuum bag.I have bought that through my deal.com. I guess you also can get it at luggage deparment ,daiso or any store related.You wont believe that a small luggage can accommodate a family of two small children.Try it yourself.
Here is some photos to enjoy.

This plastic cover for the baby stroller is a big helper for me .It is very useful since it is windy and so cold.The best thing is when my children sleep comfortly while we walking here and there.
The most important thing while travelling with kids is the accessories for them while holiday during winter.This to avoid them to caught cold.
Bare in mind all are in Japanese text...This picture above is the ticket machine for the train as we have in Kuala Lumpur except they are in Japanese language.
Walking to Osaka Castle with our taxi driver as our tourist guide too.He can speak English!! Fluently.
The Umeda Sky Building (梅田スカイビル, Umeda Sukai Biru is the eighteenth-tallest building in Osaka, Japan
She doesn't scared at all...hmmm
In the Longest escalator
We are buying some groceries to cook at our rented condo in Osaka
 One hour travelling to Kyoto by train there and the the taxi driver that we have booked  waiting for us patiently at the Kyoto station
 Qaseh in Arashiyama: Bamboo Grove in Kyoto
 The infamous Bamboo Forest
  The Freezing Bamboo.I guess it will be more nicer in Spring-Summer.
Mount Arashi acroos the Oi river are among the scenery there in Bamboo Forest
The heroes
Walking around the Osaka town
Walking here and there.It is not so hard to find halal food here

Qamelia comfort with his dad warmest chest.Walking from our rented condo in Osaka to the nearest train station

Japanese is so quiet in the train .The read alot..I can only hear our voices...hahah..:}
The town is so clean even the toilet is smell good..
Inside the The Shinkansen, is a network of high-speed railway lines to Odawara.From there we will go to Tokyo by mini bus
It is very fast train...until We have not realize we have reach the destination..
Ok the bus has been waiting for us to a restaurant
Still can't believe the beauty of His Creation...

Since I also have a friend who study her PHD there, she had suggested me to pay a visit to Hokkaido next if we are planning to go Japan again. From my personal perspective, I love the country for their cleanliness ,their culture, the interesting places and of course you can do your shopping thing.Do plan one for yours.:}

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