Make money with nuffnang?seriuosly?

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Just to share some excitement just now. Finally I got RM 0.50 in my Nuffnang account. It is a bit achievement for me since last year it is only shown RM 0.25.Congratulation to me.Haha..might be sound funny to you but it is an achievement for me.I also do some searching on other blogs that gain more from nuffnang.It is quite fascinating if you listen to their story to earn money with Nuffnang. Among the blogger that I have come across to read on their experience is http://mombloggersplanet.com/make-money-with-nuffnang/. I also came across to read on the affiliate network such as precision web tool.I am not sure about it whether it is a scam or for real. The task is simple just sharing your link through your facebook account,twitter or you blog you can earn some money. In USD okay..... May be some of you have done that.  Can you share with me on anything that can earn money through blogs.Since I will be going to UK jobless maybe I can do something to earn some money for living.:}
Here is what is nuffnang all about:
"Nuffnang is the world's leading blog advertising community, for people who share the passion for blogging like we do! Our community currently reaches out to more than 300,000 bloggers in 8 countries and regions - Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, and United Kingdom.At Nuffnang, bloggers generate income through blog ads placed by various brands, and become part of a close-knit community through a vast range of exclusive events and contests we organize and support, especially for you. A community for bloggers by bloggers, Nuffnang strives to keep the local blogosphere growing" credit to nuffnang.com.my.
For those who love to write a blog you might also try this out.the step is easy.Register a blog or any base domain for your personal writeup then go to this website NUFFNANG WEBSITE and register your page or blog.

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