Beads Class with Nora Manik

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Remembering way back in 2009,while i was enjoying my jobless time after my wedding, I joined beading class with my best friend, Normah. The class was conducted by Nora manik. During the class, we learned so many design which I could remember the most famous design named shimmering flora. Here is some of the design that we learn.

Design that we learn.looks like easy but u have to try to do first. ;p

Before attended this class i just do the beads by using my own imagination.Now i have some idea n reference to refer to.U can have a look at my collection of  beads.

The collections.

The collections.

I managed to found the picture that they took during the class wayyy back in February 2009.Come to think of it ,it worth knowledge to be expert about. At least I can beads for my own dress :)

I realized that we are entering same class with zai butterfly beads

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