Handmade handbag class....Lets make a metal frame handbag ...a fruitfull past time hobby..♡♥

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Last week my so called sewing teacher asked me to joined her to go for a handmade class to learn on making handbag...so i found it something interesting ..  i agreed to joined her..so..before that i have read about the person who gonna teach us through her website just to get some idea and to get to know more..nervous me...;)..ok say no more here are the sneak peak from the class which will took around 4-5 hours depends on the handbag you want to make..by the way it is kind a private class with only two of us ...it is based on the appointment made before going to the class...

So i choosed metal frame handbag pattern .  firstly we need to trace to the cloth we choosed.   

Here you are provided with beautiful fabric for you to choose...so I choose this combinations..

Some measurement

This is what we call bone to align properly the cloth after we have sew it

Some clips to adjust appropriately

It is coming...da nampak daaahh..


Some tools for belt ,punching holes...

Some final touch up

Tadaaa...i choosed sling belt as it easy for me rather than short handle...you can request her what do you want

the sweet interior design of the class

Amongst the types of handbag you can learn...super love it...

With my teacher Shane

Here you can buy all the tools and fabrics to make the handmade handbags...you are going to love it and going crazzyy little bit...you may learn to do so many type of handbags by going to her website Shanehandmade website..and then you see what type do you want to learn and email to her on the email given in the website...
Simple as that...Enjoy..if i have time to sketch all over again maybe i can put the step by step on how to do this cute handbag...actually from the pattern given you can make it bigger  than the pattern provided by Shane...it is up to you..♡♥♡

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