Flourless molten chocolate cake or flourless chocolate lava...our first attempt.. ....♡♥

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Last week i ordered molten chocolate cake or famously known as chocolate lava from my collegue in the office..kak juli..her cake all so rich in taste..so i give some to my daughter Qaseh to taste it...and she loved it ...and make a request to her bakingless mummy to do it
for her...so i tried to get the recipe from kak juli and do some googling for reference..By the way i have no oven in my house so we go to my mother in law house to do the baking..
Here we go..it is a flourless molten chocolate cake or kek coklat lava tanpa tepung..

The ingredient and the gadget...castor sugar,eggs,butter,semichocolate button and vanilla essence..

So you melt the choclate using double boiler or in the microwave Technique.

My little chef is mixing the egg yolk with castor sugar until...

Pluffy,pale like this

Then beat the white eggs together with little sugar and vanilla essence...beat until it becoming light and cloudy..

you can prepare the aluminium container with some butter  and sugar around it..

The little assistant of mine

Her father also get excited to do this with Qaseh

Its cominggg

the result after waiting 10-20 minutes

Tadaa...dont bother about the scretching...that is me testing the texture ....;)


This is my husband creativity...he tried to turn the cake to blue color..but this is what he got...hahah...please excuse with my chocolate mess..

If you want it more waterry chocolate you can lessen the cooking time

See..my first testimoni..since this is our first day of fasting day..i can only ask her...how was the taste...she said...sangat sedap...super deliciouss...♡♥♡♥
I shall improve more with the look...don't judge it by its cover...By the way it is our first attempt...suprisingly all my sister in law plus my mother in law said it was yummeh..and delicious..What i can say is interm of texture is is very soft and the taste is very rich in chocolate ...so lava....futhermore there will be no taste of uncooked flour  .♡♥♡
some of the recipe flourless molten or chocolate lava cake recipe you can try through this link http://www.kraftrecipes.com/recipes/flourless-molten-cakes-111062.aspx
or can also try below recipe


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