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Hi...longgg time no see...yeah lamaa i x jenguk this blog..been quite busy with the small one..just want to share since i found out this is interesting ..at least for me...;)..while im doing some cleaning in my hard disk so i go through all the picturessss that been taking up as now we are using all technolgy gadgets to keep our moment and memories and then just keep it in our thumb drive,phone ,hard disk and list goes on..so i decided to google and try to find any photo shop that can do printing for the selected pictures that i have review through the computers..so i found this website which offer printing service and courier it to you right in front of your door..yah correct..so the price ..i know you guys wanted to know how much right.for 4R size it cost you RM0.29 at that time..now i guess they are still extending the service but the price RM0.30 for the same size and no minimum quantity required...nice aaa...as for me the price is cheap as everything goes up and i have surveyed all the photo shop and the best thing is they sent it to your place if you in this country..at no cost at that time..so you can just download all the pictures to dropbox or install the software given in the site and give the link through the email..easy right.

My parcel arrived

Some of the pictures
Wait no more....Keep your memory in hand...Tunggu apa lagi.Kedai print website

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