Highly recommended Birthday cup cake with thundercat..♡♥...super yummy

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.His birthday is on 26th May ..I have no idea what to celebrate for him..So i decided to make an order of a cake but because i know he's not cake type of man..i choose cup cake rather than a big cake..one day i just read through my instagram and i found a comment made by my friend on her hot pavlova..so i click and it directly go to the cake baker owner instagram.While i browsing previous entry of the cake that she had make it..i choose kinda mix cup cakes so that we can taste different different cake..amongs the cake is red velvet,chocolate cake with cream and strawberry with some chocolate syrup,..and etc..i think u guys can see at the picture after this...so she also said to me that i can choose which preferable cake to be make most or just name it..so i choose red velvet to replace with other type of cake.Then to make it more memorable..i requested her to do thundercat figure which i know that this cartoon figure he favourite most..and yes...she said she can do it for me...so..this some of the picture of the cake...and the rest is history...the cake is so delicous i tell you...and highly recommended..the taste is not so sweet and just nice..the best thing is my husband love it so muchh..he is not a cake man type yet he loves the taste of the cakes.mmmm...he also praised and amazed on the detailing of the thundercat figure that she made it.the thundercat logo at the chest.,the hand,the six packs,the stripe on the hair......thumbs up...♡♥♡

Please ignore the scratch on the fondant made by my daughter Qaseh,who is eager to cut the cake

Thunder thunder thundercattttt..ooooo

Choco cake with full cream topped with strawberry and choco syrup..♡♥

The super red velvett ...delicious..♡♥

the chocoreo cake...♡♥♡

Visit her instagram...♡♥♡♥

She also do  all occasion planning, candy/dessert buffet, cakes and dessert, photobooth, decor, favors, keepsakes, photography, videography & design...It is worth to order such of a kind cake product.
happy orderings guysss..

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