Review : Readymade vs DIY Doorgift Box

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After a few thought to decide the door gift for my lil sis wedding door gift and discussion with my mum of coz..so we decided to get a kinda box to put something for my lil sis wedding door gift.I given my thought that we should buy box that is ready to use and not required any alteration,additional design ..accessories and so on as she also undecided till thiss kinda last minute...so here is the result..kinda cute and ready to go..

blue and soft pink
After discussion with the owner of the shop she gave us  the price of RM 0.28 per unit together with the ribbons and ya we fill it fair enough..so we took both colors.So for those who are eagerly looking forward for a door gift that is cheap and yet cute and subject to use of boxes and to make it into this ...

add Simple sweet ribbon

Replace ribbon by using slice of paper and hole punch 

Natural touchand simplicity

add some doily paper..

Credit to Giftandfavor You can buy from here the doily paper

This box using decor tape.To further see where you can get this kind of unique rope,decor tape to stick on or to tie the wedding box door gift and inject some design you can go this +PaperFabricStudio
or their facebook.

i read where to get this plain boxes by blogger  +Dyll Basri.Thanks for sharing Sis.According to her if you bought approximately 1000 units it may cost you about Rm 0.12 after thorough negotiation...so then depends on  youR design decoration for further cost.I suggested you to think on the overall cost including design and the content inside the box before you decide to buy unleast you have unlimited budget.Happy doin uollsss..

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