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Suddenly I am concerned about the  make up ingredient, so I start searching on what brand that carry with the label vegetarian /vegan. I come to surprised that many brands has taken their way to this vegetarian ingredient.
why I m looking for it?...
sometime I'm always thinking if there is any non-halal ingredient in it ..and furthermore you are using it for your everyday essential.
and its your only skin...haha
The alternative rather than searching for halal cosmetic or even to look out for food here is to search for vegetarian/vegan label.
I have found some of vegan/vegetarian label of the cosmetic that you can choose.
  1. Amie skincare
  2. Barry M-some may  have animal product(beeswax)
  3. E.L.F-
  4. B by Superdrug store
  5. Urban Decay-some vegan items
  6. Lush-Currently all are vegetarian
and so much more..

'As you can see, there are still plenty of fabulous cosmetic companies out there that aim to please their customer’s beauty wishes while still caring for animals with the utmost compassion. Now go and give yourself a fabulous makeover.'

Do check out while you out there..:)

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